Assignment A report observing academic conventions of 3000 words is required on a specific topic based on issues of relevance on material covered in the whole of the course. TOPIC QUESTION Custom Essay

Assignment A report observing academic conventions of 3000 words is required on a specific topic based on issues of relevance on material covered in the whole of the course. TOPIC QUESTION The capitalist system and issues such as youth unemployment, ageing societies, skills shortages, poverty, equality and gender inequity are problematic globally. Based on your academic research within this course what does government and business need to do to reduce these major problems societies face? Executive Summary Introduction The Body of Your Report-yourdefinitions, argumentsmust all be supportedby your references -every comment you make that presents as a fact, assertion or argument has to be substantiated with a good reference that is citedorquoted intext. Marks are lost for unsubstantiated opinions. In fact your opinionis not sought here. What we are interested in is your capacity to synthesise and communicate well researched information. Conclusion-what you have concluded based on yourresearch this is where you can base your opinion on your research References Harvard Style Assessment Criteria Demonstrating sound academic research based purely on quality literature in the field. Exhibiting a developed and enhanced understanding of the complexities of aspects related to globalisation and its impact on societies. Presenting a cultivated and advanced understanding of the independent, interdependent and dependant roles of government and business. Displaying developed skills in critical thinking and synthesising academic literature within their report writing on current issues relating to business and government in a global context. Demonstrating in-depth learning and understanding concerning the stakeholders in the global context which include an array of businesses ranging in size from one-person proprietorships to corporate giants, government and non-government organisations. Exhibiting a capacity to analyse and evaluate current issues in the global context and propose ways that these issues may be managed to reduce risks to global societies. Showing capabilities in terms of communication and report writing and presentation skills. Demonstrating developed skills in research and analysis based on literature reviews using appropriate referencing conventions and the quality of the references used. The avoidance of opinions that are not substantiated by academic references Topics to cover: IDENTIFY AND QUANTIFY ONLY 2 KEY ISSUES OUT OF FOLLOWING ASSOCIATED WITH FREE MARKET SYSTEM (EG: YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT, SKILLS SHORTAGES, AGEING SOCIETIES, POVERTY, GENEDER INEQUALITY) WHAT ARE SOME OF MAIN FACTORS CONTRIBUING TO THESE ISSUES? WHAT DOES BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT NEED TO DO TO REDUCE THESE MAJOR PROBLEMS? Tension between biz and government and role of civil societies More focused approach Talk about two issues out of all mentioned Wats happening in the world? Make improvements to societies Give examples of 2 countries China obliged to look after their elders Australia put elders in care facility .. China and aus are both different. In developed economies, things are different. WORK-LIFE BALANCE OFFER FLEXIBILITY TO EMPLOYYES TO WORK FROM HOME GIVE SOME TRAINING GOVT MUST BE ABLE TO FACILITATE AND HELP ORGANISATIONS SINGAPORE GOVT HAS TIGHTENED CRITERIAS IN HOSPITALITY, FOOD, BEVERAGE AND HOUSE KEEPING THE SPIRIT LEVEL WATCH OUT FOR CONTENTS ON INEQUALITY

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